Join the Maine Moonshot by taking our launch assessment today!
The Maine Afterschool Network is excited to join with STEM Next to launch
the Million Girls Moonshot!  This new initiative supports out of school
time programming by creating groundbreaking and high-quality STEM learning
pathways for students of all ages.

Stage 1 of the Maine Moonshot surveys the field- a discovery mission that
will inform the Network where out-of-school time programs are in their
program design and delivery.

Stage 2 of the Maine Moonshot builds on the discovery phase and will
deliver to out of school time programs resources to aid in strengthening
practice and opportunities.
Join the Maine Moonshot by taking our launch assessment today!

Back Ground Information:

Overview of Million Girls Moonshot Initiative

The Million Girls Moonshot is a multi-year initiative that seeks to
re-imagine who can engineer, who can build, who can make. It will inspire
and prepare the next generation of innovators by engaging 1 million more
girls in STEM learning opportunities through afterschool and summer
programs. The Moonshot will be active in out-of-school programs in all 50

As we know, children spend less than 20 percent of their waking hours in
school. Afterschool STEM can almost double the amount of time some students
have to question, tinker, learn, and explore STEM topics. The more students
participate in STEM learning opportunities after school and in the summer,
the more interested they become in STEM subjects and majors.

STEM Next's Million Girls Moonshot is geared toward transforming STEM
learning experiences in afterschool and altering the workforce trajectory
for underrepresented and underserved youth by creating groundbreaking and
high-quality STEM learning pathways for students of all ages. While the
Initiative?s goal is focused on increasing the number of girls with an
engineering mindset and a STEM identity? the Initiative will benefit all
students, improving the overall quality of all afterschool STEM
opportunities and lifting up both boys and girls as they become future

The Moonshot Initiative is powered by four key research-based components
designed to alter the trajectory of and transform out-of-school STEM
learning and workforce development programs:

1. Transformative programming to create more equitable and inclusive
engagement of girls in STEM

2. Employee engagement in afterschool

3. National events to shine a light on girls building solutions, and

4. National events to help link all the different efforts working to better
serve girls and underserved youth in STEM learning.

As part of this national initiative, The Maine Afterschool Network (MASN)
is offering the STEM Assessment( to guide programs in
thinking about student engagement at varying levels.  As STEM system
builders we work to increase access to STEM learning opportunities in
afterschool and summer learning programs.  Additionally,  we need to
explore how to support programs to engage and nurture all young people?s
interest in STEM learning.

If you can, take this assessment with your volunteers/ staff in the form of
a self-assessment for program equity.  We appreciate you sharing this
information with us. We will use the survey results to inform the
professional development planning team of the needs of the field to support
our youth development professionals and quality programming.

How to participate:
  • Arrange a staff meeting with at least 2 adults responsible for leading the program.
  • Plan an hour to work through our 20 question online survey.
  • If any questions are unclear or cannot be answered using the scale,
   please add a comment.

Again, the survey results will be used only to inform the Maine Afterschool
Network of training topics around equity that programs may find helpful.
If you have questions, please contact
Erin Frati
Maine Afterschool Network

Angela Oechslie
Program Director, Project>Login
Educate Maine
cell: 207-217-0096
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