New graduate degree and certification offerings from UMaine, including potential scholarships!
Several "jump start" tuition waivers will once again be made available for several Maine teachers and working professionals during the 2020/2021 academic year at the University of Maine. The teachers must be newly admitted as graduate students to qualifying online computing programs as listed below. This opportunity may be of greatest interest to those that are teaching or who have interests in teaching full computer science courses or incorporating coding into courses in grades 9-12. However, the material is applicable at a foundational level across all grade levels.

The Graduate Certificate in Computing for Educators is available for the first time in Fall 2020. This program prepares educators with limited computer science and programming skills to provide students in grades 9-12 with strong educational experiences in computing subject matter. Students in this program will acquire the requisite knowledge to teach both of the Computer Science AdvancedPlacement (AP) courses recommended to be taught in high schools. The program provides a foundation which should also allow graduates to keep up-to-date in computer science content over time as programming languages and computational methods evolve.

Waiver recipients receive tuition for a 3-credit online course in each of the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. To facilitate efficient processing for Maine residents in a time of societal stress, GRE scores and letters of reference are NOT required currently to apply for any of the qualifying graduate programs. Thus, the online application may be completed quickly.

An overview for the opportunity follows below.

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Professor Harlan Onsrud, Graduate Coordinator
School of Computing and Information Science, University of Maine


UMaineOnline Graduate Jump-Start Tuition Waivers in Computing for Maine Teachers

? Are you or your school facing long-term challenges in incorporating computer programming, digital database projects, and computer science topics into classrooms across the curriculum in grades 9-12?
?  Are you a teacher that would like to learn computer coding and information system design but never had the opportunity?
?  Would you like to prepare yourself with foundation knowledge and skills in computer programing, digital data handling and computer science topics that will allow you to excel in addressing current and future computer science curriculum and community challenges?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, please read further.

If your interest is primarily at the 9-12 grade levels OR you want to teach full courses dedicated to computer programming at any level within grades K-12, consider pursuit of any of the following:

Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)
Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

The core courses in these programs focus on content knowledge in coding, computer science, and data handling to enable lifelong learning on computing topics. The elective courses in the programs may be drawn from numerous domains. For example, see the electives for the MSIS <>. The Master's programs prepare graduates for potential occupations that extend well beyond teaching.

Whether your intent is to teach one or more dedicated computer science courses in K-12 or to incorporate computational thinking and coding into other courses you already teach in grades 9-12, the MSIS or MSSI should place you on solid ground to meet future learning needs as technological changes advance.

Rolling admissions allow you to complete the graduate application at any time but you should do so several weeks in advance of the semester in which you intend to first enroll.

Jump-start tuition waivers are available for several newly admitted graduate students living in Maine for one 3-credit course each in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Apply by submitting a graduate application. Graduate admission decisions and waiver awards (about $1,375 per 3-credit course) are being made on a rolling basis. To ensure skin in the game, tuition waiver recipients or their employers are be expected to pay the graduate application fee ($50) and any fees affiliated with the course. For the jump-start waivers, some deference will be given to those students pursuing one of the MS degrees. However, admitted applicants may acquire one or more Graduate Certificates as steps along the way in pursuing their full graduate degree.

To learn more, contact a UMaineOnline Advisor at 207.581.5858 or or contact Amanda Cupps directly at
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For program-specific questions, contact the Program Coordinator, Professor Harlan Onsrud at
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