Membership Benefits

In addition to the benefits of joining CSTA National, members of CSTA Maine enjoy the following:
  • Access to a network of Maine CS teachers and professionals.
  • A growing collection of online resources and materials.
  • Various workshops and events hosted by other CSTA Maine teachers and officers throughout the year.
  • CSTA Maine meet ups to connect and network with others. 
  • CSTA Maine generated event and curriculum resources to help promote CS in the state.
  • Access to various groups and projects meant to help develop, promote, and grow CS opportunities for all in Maine. 

Who Can Join?

Anyone can join who has any interest in Computer Science Education in Maine- teachers, students, businesses, community members- anyone who would like to help CS grow: join us! 
After you join CSTA National, be sure to affiliate yourself with CSTA Maine by clicking "Locate My Chapter" on your membership confirmation page.
If you do not want to affiliate with our chapter but still want to learn about our efforts, click the button below to join our mailing list.