Each year, Thomas College hosts a FREE competition where high school students participate in several STEM challenges (coding, robotics, CSI, eSports, etc.). Based on feedback from educators, this year there are five free virtual challenges to choose from. Help your high school team register today and compete for up to $10,000 worth of scholarships!

When we considered whether or not to move forward with the event, we weighed heavily the balance between asking educators to think about one more thing verses still offering students something fun and exciting to do. We ultimately decided that now more than ever, students should be offered a safe and exciting way to engage together – so we set out to re-imagine the event. Based on the feedback from educators, we’re actually going to offer five (5) VIRTUAL challenges from December 7th through January 30th, 2021.

The links below have more details!

Would you be willing to share this information with high school students or educators you know? We would like to be sure we have statewide reach this year since the events are all virtual!

One important note: We recognize the extraordinary load educators have this year, and will do everything we can to reduce the ask of educators in order for students to participate. However, at a minimum, we do require that students have some connection to a school/chaperone -- this is for safety purposes. We want to be sure all the students who are involved are truly high school students and that we have a trusted-adult we can reach out to in case something comes up beyond our reach. 

Technology Requirements: Students will need a laptop/tablet with internet access, a Gmail account that can access our Google Classroom, and the Chrome browser. For some of the challenges, Thomas College also will provide access to Hopin, Minecraft Education Edition, and CoderZ Robotics. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Jim Delorie (James.Delorie@thomas.edu) or Amanda Nguyen (Amanda.Nguyen@thomas.edu). We and the rest of the Thomas Cup team are ready to help in any way we can so that more students have the opportunity to join us!

Special Thanks to Maine CSTA Partners: